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Welcome! This website was created on 20 Mar 2009 and last updated on 28 Dec 2021. The family trees on this site contain 10184 relatives and 1913 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Calder Family of Nairn, Scotland
Hello and welcome to our website.

This tree is based on a family tree that was completed in the early 1980’s (Pat Costigan,  compiler) tracing the descendents of James Williamson (1816-1897) and Anne Calder (1824-1911) who  were married about 1842, settled on Indian land in Oneida, Haldimand; ultimately settling in North  Dumfries, Waterloo.  Since we could not get very far with James Williamson’s ancestry, we  concentrated on the Calder family (hence the name of this tree).

This tree attempts to follow some of the descendents of James Calder and Katharine MacCurrach/  McUrich who were married in 1752 Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland (our Ann Calder’s possible great- grandparents); however, there are quite a few families who are not direct descendents of this  couple.  If we ran across married-ins who were also included in other branches of our direct line  ancestors, you may also find them listed here.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Pat Costigan (David Williamson / Sarah Lynch branch)  and anyone else who was involved with the original family tree; had it not been for your time and  effort, we would not have a clue as to our father’s ancestry or other members of the family  outside of the usual suspects.

Secondly, our heartfelt thanks to Mark McDermid (George Hodgson / Jean Williamson branch).  Mark  has remained a constant since the beginning of our journey.  We first met Mark when we toured the  Williamson farm in Oneida in the fall of 2004, although we had been in contact prior via the  internet.

A special thank you to Marion (Hodgson) Seabrook (George Hodgson / Jean Williamson branch); Russ  and Alice (Higgins) Williamson (Andrew Williamson / Iley Rebecca Bucknell branch); Robert and  Norrie (Williamson) McConnell (David Williamson / Sarah Lynch branch); Suzanne Drew (Cranston  branch); Gail Forsyth (James Forsyth / Isabella Calder branch); George Russell (Catherine Calder /  John Rose branch) Roberta Connelly (James Forsyth / Isabella Calder branch) and countless others  who have helped along the way.

As so many of our family settled on the Manitoulin, we would like to extend our thanks and  appreciation to Marilyn Irish and Roberta Clark of Manitoulin Roots as well as Doug Tracy of  Manitoulin Family Trees.  If we had a dime for every time that we have relied upon these sites for  the post 1980 tree info...........They do a great job and so much information is available that  cannot be found anywhere else.  If you have ties to the Manitoulin, we suggest that you visit  their sites as well as the Laurie Lovelace site, Manitoulin Genealogy.

A link to a recently discovered site, Waterloo Region Generations, has been posted on this site.   This site is in its beginning stages but I think it will be similar to Manitoulin Roots / Trees as  far as content so another thank you out to Darryl Bonk who is the site administrator.  He gleaned  the newspaper announcement of the birth of our Sarah Lynch (incidentally born in Blenheim and not  Ayr) as well as other little tidbits.  I encourage those who have family who settled in the region  to contribute their family photos, stories, etc.

A note regarding this tree…….at the time we uploaded the tree, if we did not have a death date for  anyone born prior to 1910, we added 80 years to their birth date and use this as the approximate  death date (makes it a tad easier when privatizing the file). If we had parents without dates, we  subtracted 21 years from the birth of the child in question.  If we had spouses without birth  dates, we used the birth year of the spouse to whom they married.

We welcome your corrections as well as your input.  If anyone has stories, announcements or photos  to share, we would be happy to post them here for all family members to enjoy.

Sherry & Susan


From the “Surnames of Scotland” by George F. Black……CALDER – “Hugh de Kaledouer witnessed a  charter by William the Lion at Munros (Montrose), circa 1178-98 (Registrorum abbacie de  Aberbrothoc, I, 76) and the gift of a toft in Forfar to Willelmus de Haia by the same king  (Miscellany of the Spalding Club, II, p. 304).  In the same reign he granted forty acres in  Buthyrgasc to the Abbey of Scone (Scon, p 19), and witnessed a charter by Swan filius Thori (Scon,  p. 18).  Donald of Calder, lord of that ilk acquired half of Dolmaglas (Dunmaglas) in 1419  (Cawdor, p. 6-8) from William Meignes, being previously owner of the other half.  Farchardus de  Caldor was prebendarius de Crechmont, 1461 (Registrum episcopates Brechinensis, II, p. 91), and  John Calder, Bute Pursuivant in 1589, appears again in 1591 as John Cadder (The Exchequer rolls of  Scotland, XXII, p. 16, 175)” “Calder and Caddell, Caithness surnames, are from Calder or Cawdor.   Calder in Caithness ‘in its older form of Caldell, is of considerable antiquity, and in the middle  of the seventeenth century few names in the county are of more frequent occurrence’ (Henderson,  Caithness families, p. 209).  Johannes Calder in Murthlac and George Caulder in Petglasse appear  in 1550 (Illustrations of the topography and antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff, II,  p. 261).  William Musgrave Calder, US Senator, was grandson of Scots from Aberdeen.”

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